Get to know the Palestinian entrepreneur, owner of Rozza Designs

Among 2 million people living in a geographical area not exceeding 365 square kilometers, a girl in the spring of her life emerged to make her hobby, a passion, and a profession for her. She recognizes her designs either on tea and coffee mugs, school student bags or even in the frames of paintings on the walls of cafes and friends’ homes.
In this article, the Cactus team introduces you to Rozan Al Khazendar, a Palestinian entrepreneur from Gaza who founded her project, “Rozza Designs”.

What are Rozza Designs…

Rozza Designs is the first online gift shop in the Gaza Strip. The store was founded in 2014 by Rosan with the support of her family and friends, running it from her home.

The idea of ​​his business is based on sending clients their ideas or requests with a message to us on our Facebook page, then I design these ideas or requests and then print them on many shapes such as cups, clothes, key chains, cushions, wooden boards, picture frames or paintings attached to the walls, Cell phone covers, school bags, and various forms of accessories.

So far I have received over 2,500 requests since I started my business and over 40,000 follow me on the Facebook page. My mission in this project is to choose the finest types of raw materials to implement creative designs for talented women in order to produce unique and high-quality products. I also believe in the project’s vision, which is to create confidence in the public in Rozza products and to spread this brand on a large scale.

The path of a thousand miles begins with the search for passion.

My story began after my return to the Gaza Strip as soon as I finished my studies in Egypt. Like all recent graduates, I started looking for a job opportunity. I applied to more than one institution and company and worked in more than one place, but there was always that feeling that the place I work in limits my energy and talents and lacks a sense of creativity, and this contradicts my personality to a large extent, as I do not like routine and constantly looking for a change and everything that is new. My passion for learning drives me to take risks to accomplish any task.

I could not find what dictated my passion in all the jobs I worked at, so I decided then to stop working and look to do something that makes me happy and makes people around me happy.

From a young age, I loved making handicrafts, and in my studies of computer science, I tried to combine the services provided by modern technology with the skills and talents I possessed, so I came out with “Rozza Designs”.

In the beginning, I implemented my designs for my home, my family, and my friends, and when I noticed everyone around me liking what I did, I felt very happy, especially when I started receiving requests, and then the matter expanded to receive requests from institutions in the sector. In order to maintain a good level of excellence, I always strive to provide something new that satisfies the customers. After that, the segment of customers or customers began to expand more and more.

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