A meeting reviewing the Japanese “JICA” projects and the problems they face

The Japanese JICA Foundation yesterday reviewed the problems and difficulties it faces in implementing projects in the Gaza Strip.

This came during the hosting of the Entrepreneur Center of the Gaza Provincial Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and a delegation from the Japanese JICA Foundation, represented by the Director of Income Generating Projects and Projects for Women, Yoko Santo, and the Coordinator of JICA Programs in the Gaza Office Muhammad Nassar.

Santo confirmed that they are currently implementing many projects in the Gaza Strip and providing much technical assistance in many sectors, promising to study all ideas and proposals that were put forward at the meeting.
The Chamber’s Chairman, Walid Al-Hosari, addressed the strong relations that bind the chamber with the Japanese JICA Foundation, stressing that the doors of the Chamber of Commerce are open for permanent cooperation with all international institutions to serve the Palestinian economy.

A member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Entrepreneurial Women, Rozan Al-Khazendar, explained the objectives of the Entrepreneurial Center, which is to help all women with entrepreneurial ideas, calling for the necessity to build the capabilities of women entrepreneurs through the implementation of training courses in administrative and professional and professional fields in order to contribute to the development and growth of these projects, especially since Entrepreneurs need support to continue in light of the economic conditions that the sector suffers from.

The Chamber’s Secretary Mohsen Al-Khazendar stated that the Japanese government, through JICA Foundation in Palestine, contributes to the construction process in Palestine and has a clear footprint in all fields, calling for the need to support and finance a special exhibition for women entrepreneurs that includes all small handicraft industries, and the possibility of implementing a project to incubate some projects and ideas Female Entrepreneurial.

The head of the Entrepreneur Center, Rana Al-Husseini, called for the necessity of opening foreign markets to the products of distinguished female entrepreneurs and the necessity of networking with women entrepreneurs in different countries.

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